Guangzhou KEYE Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd was established in Panyu District, Guangzhou City in 2008. Guangzhou KEYE Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd is an professional company that research, develop and produce evaporative air cooler(environmentally-friendly air conditioner). Our main products are various types of coolers for industrial use: mobile, install, centrifugal with air flow from 3000m3/h to 60000m3/ h, basically include cooling fans for all industrial plants; home, business models of evaporative coolers wich air flow cover from 800m3/h to 8000m3/h are also under continuous development … Read More


Evaporative Air-conditioners Features

Energy Saving

than conventional use compressed air conditioning energy conservation of pump more than 80%

Environmental Protection

the product use process will not discharge harmful substances (freon) to the world


Biggest refrigeration cooling effect with minimal energy production

Power consumption per hundred square meters only 1 KW/ H

  • Cooling: Direct evaporative cooling technology, quickly reduce the ambient temperature by 5-10 ° C;

  • To dust: the air in the plant is accelerating in an orderly manner, and the dust is immediately discharged outside to ensure cleanliness and personnel health;

  • Large coverage area: a fixed environmental protection air conditioner is suitable for 100-300 m2;

  • High efficiency: easy installation and maintenance, the best results can be achieved by opening for ten minutes;

  • Energy saving: just motor & pump, without compressor

  • Environmental protection: The refrigerant is water and has no pollution. Low noise, increasing indoor oxygen content;

  • Humidity adjustment function: humidity adjustment for places where humidity is required;



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