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Guangzhou KEYE Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd was established in Panyu District, Guangzhou City in 2008. Guangzhou KEYE Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd is an professional company that research, develop and produce evaporative air cooler(environmentally-friendly air conditioner). Our main products are various types of coolers for industrial use: mobile, install, centrifugal with air flow from 3000m3/h to 60000m3/ h, basically include cooling fans for all industrial plants; home, business models of evaporative coolers wich air flow cover from 800m3/h to 8000m3/h are also under continuous development.

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KEYE, established in 2008, is the production base of evaporative air cooler set up by POPULA in Guangzhou city. With the advantage of technology cultivation and support, KEYE has rapidly grown into a research, production, sales company that provide a full range of environmental friendly EVAPORATIVE AIR COOLER and obtained many product patents & technical certificates in China.
KEYE product range cover portable and install vaporative air cooler, as well as axial and centrifugal industrial evaporative air coolers with airflow from 3500m³/h to 60000m³/h. KEYE product has won praise and reputation in the industry and selling throughout China and export worldwide to United Kingdom, EU,Japan, Russia,USA, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America etc. With the continuous development and rapid growth of the market, KEYE has quickly become a well-known enterprise in the evaporative air cooler industry.

2008-2009 Market survey & Project approval

2010 Products moulds design & On production

2019 Estimated sales quantity :150000 units



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