An evaporative cooler uses basic evaporation and efficiently lower air temperature. In general, the cooler will consist of a motor, a fan, some cooling pads, a water tank, a pump and some additional controls component to achieve the result. The motor & fan suck dry, hot air around the cooler into the machine and across the cooling pads. These cooling pads absorb water from the water tank through pump and have many layers to increase the surface area. As the hot air through the cooling pad, the water molecules on the surface evaporate, which causes the air temperature inside the cooler to drop — often by as much as 5 to 10 ℃, in hot & dry air like Middle East can be up to more than 15 ℃.  The fan then will blow out cooler air and you can enjoy the comfort from cool air.

Evaporative cooler can have other side bonus as well. The air filters and pads that are designed to improve air quality by reducing harmful substance such as allergens — an important consideration for anyone with allergies or other health concerns. The water pump, while not strictly necessary in small portable cooler, can streamline the absorption into the cooling pad. Some of our model,such as zc-35y offer the option of adding an ice box to further cool. Multi fan speeds, swing function and remote control are also very useful features.