Evaporative Air Cooler

The evaporative air cooler (evaporative air conditioner) is a cooling product which use the internal water circulation system to absorb the heat in the air by cooling pad (evaporative effect) to achieve cooling effect.

Structure of evaporative air cooler (evaporative air conditioner)

The evaporative air cooler (evaporative air conditioner) is composed of a special fiber corrugated honeycomb cooling pad with a large surface area, a high-efficiency energy-saving fan & motor,   water float ball valve, water supply cooling device, cast body and electrical control components.

Working principle of evaporative air cooler (evaporative air conditioner)

Evaporative air cooler (evaporative air conditioner) working principle diagram.

The working principle of the evaporative air cooler (evaporative air conditioner) is that when the fan is running, it generate negative pressure, which causes the air outside the machine to flow through the humid wet cooling pad curtain surface, forcing the outside dry air to be cooled down through the machine by evaporative effect, that is, the dry air temperature at the air-outlet of the air cooler is 5-12 °C lower than the outdoor temperature (up to more than 15 °C in dry and hot areas), the drier the air, the greater the temperature difference and the better the cooling effect.

Due to the principle of evaporative cooling, it has the dual function of cooling and humidification (relative temperature can reach about 75%), Not only can improve temperature cooling, but also can purify the air.

KEYE evaporative air cooler (evaporative air conditioner) is surrounded by a honeycomb wet cooling pad using special materials, which has a large surface area. The wet cooling pad is continuously humidified through the water circulation system.

KEYE air cooler is equipped with high efficiency & energy-saving motor and low noise fan, when the fan is running, the negative pressure effect causes the air outside the air cooler to flow into the machine through the porous and wet cooling pad. The evaporation of the water on the wet cooling pad absorbs heat and make the air passing through the wet cooling pad to cool down. . At the same time, the water on the wet cooling pad evaporates into the air flowing through the wet cooling pad, which increases the humidity of the air. Therefore, the air cooler has the double function of cooling and humidifying.

Evaporative air cooler (evaporative air conditioner) characteristics:

  1. Completely environmentally friendly product: It is an environmentally friendly product without compressor, refrigerant, or pollution. It completely uses evaporative cooling principle to exchange outdoor fresh air through the cooler to cool down blow  out cool air to achieve the purpose of ventilation and cooling.
  2. Low energy cost. Compared with the traditional compressor air conditioner series, the power consumption is only  20 to 30 %.
  3. The cooling effect is obvious: in humid areas (such asSouth East Asia), it can generally achieve a significant cooling effect of about 5-9 ℃; in particularly hot and dry areas (such as Middle East), the cooling range can reach about 10-15 Around ℃.
  4. Keep the indoor air clean and hygienic: Open doors and windows to exhaust air is a major feature of the evaporative air cooler. The 100% replacement of fresh air to expel dirty air outside, keeps people in the nature environment of all times, without the traditional AC dry sense of adaptability.
  5. Easy maintenance and installation: The system is easy to operate, easy to install and maintain quickly, and seldom require professional maintenance personnel.
  6. Prevent the air from drying: It can make the air moist.
  7. Low noise and small vibration, the body itself does not radiate heat to the surroundings.

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