●● Aluminum alloy column, stainless steel chassis, water tank and platform, combined with advanced welding technology, size is more stable,
structure more reliable, surface is the same as within, more durable.
●● The precise matching and core technology development of PCB boards, motors, blades and equipment provides a strong backing for product
stability and reliability.
●● Compared with similar products, belt connected motor ventilation system is quieter, stronger and more stable.
●● Super big air flow (30000m3/h~60000m3/h), big power (4kW~18.5kW), effective air blow distance 100m~150m, large wind pressure, air blow more
●● Box type controller design, single speed and inverter version (inverter step-less speed control) double choices. Provide safety and reliability during
installation and use.
●● Preferred cooling facilities for large enterprises. Due to the high technical and craft requirements, there are currently not many manufacturers of
this device.