Standard evaporative air cooler ( Airflow 30,000m³/h)

● Carefully selected professional engineering plastics guarantee dimensional stability, impact resistance. With beautiful outlook, practical and durable performance;

● Down discharge air outlet does not obscure the view of the window, detail design highlighting care for customers;

● The precise matching and core technology development of PCB boards, motors, blades and equipment provides a strong backing for product stability and reliability.

● Competitive large air flow volume (30000 m3/h), effective air distance is 35m~40m, direct cooling area of 150 m2 ~200 m2 (measured by the regular 5m height factory).

● This model size is slightly larger (2.1 m3) and the cooling medium has a larger effective area for heat exchange, provide better cooling performance;

● Automatically triggered and program-controlled water supply system to make the water distributed more evenly;

● With meticulous and ingenious dust-proof and insect-proof design, is easier to maintain.