Business/Home evaporative air cooler

●Unmatched cool style, impeccable fresh texture and meticulous precision design, an industry-grade product with extraordinary quali and comprehensive performance.

●Green energy saving, outstanding quiet performance, bring great value and unparalleled cool feeling to every user.

●Professionally designed and developed high-performance cooling pad protect the life and reliability of your cooler.

●The beautiful and durable brake wheels brings a pleasant and relaxing using experience, easier to operate.

●The maximum air flow volume is 3500 cubic meters per hour. Bring more exciting and comfortable using experience.

●The multi functions, self-selecting touch panel provides clear, superior quality of the visual control.

●Speed shifting, timing, swing, quick cooling box and UV sterilizing functions meet all your expectations and give you more pracical care.

●With meticulous and ingenious dust-proof and insect-proof design, is easier to maintain.

●Excellent performance product , peak of fashion outlook , applicable for business office, home living room, hotel lobby, chess room, private club, beauty salon to yoga hall, gym, villa, etc.