Business/Home evaporative air cooler

● Outlook design is sleek and simple, structure design is compact and reasonable. Overall performance is excellent and powerful.
● Unique three-sided air intake design maximizes the cooling performance of cooling pad and make it the leader in its class.
● The heat exchange working medium is more fully and effectively cooled as the cooling pad height is 1.5 times compare with other general mobile
evaporative cooler, thus provide superior cooling performance.
● The multi functions, self-selecting touch panel provides clear, superior quality of the visual control.
● Speed shifting, timing, swing and UV sterilizing functions meet all your expectations and give you more practical care.
● With meticulous and ingenious dust-proof and insect-proof design, is easier to maintain.
● Energy saving and outstanding quiet performance contribute to each user unparalleled cooling enjoyment.
● Suitable for indoor and outdoor office & conference venues, home living room, hotel lobby, chess and card room, private club, beauty salon, yoga
hall, gym, villa, waiting room, terminal, restaurant, pub, outdoor bar and other diverse application scenarios. It is destined a smart choice to use our cooler.