Movable evaporative air cooler

CHINA IMPORT AND EXPORT FAIR   “Canton Fair Complex Designated Cooling Equipment”

● Energy saving and outstanding quiet performance contribute great value enjoyment to each user with unparalleled ultimate cool feeling.

● Left and right air outlet 120 degree automatic swing, up and down air outlet 160 degree manual swing,wind can be blown to all directions.

● The beautiful and durable brake wheels brings a pleasant and relaxing using experience,easier to operate.

● With meticulous and ingenious dust-proof and insect-proof design , is easier to maintain.

● Suitable for indoor and outdoor office & conference venues, home living room, hotel lobby,chess and card room, private club, beauty salon, yoga hall, gym, villa, waiting room,terminal, restaurant, pub, outdoor bar and other diverse apolication scenarios. lt is destined a smart choice to use hall, gym, villa, waiting room, terminal, restaurant, pud, outdoor bar and other diverse application scenarios. lt is desitned a smart choice to use our cooler.