Luxury evaporative air cooler ( Airflow 23, 000m³/h )

● Carefully selected professional engineering plastics guarantee dimensional stability, impact resistance. With beautiful outlook, practical and durable performance.

●  The precise matching and core technology development of PCB boards, motors, blades and equipment provides a strong backing for product stability and reliability.

●  Deluxe single-speed version (luxury LCD panel display control switch) and luxury inverter version (inverter control step-less speed regulation) double choices to meet your wisdom of the hoice of comparison.

●  Eight levels graded wind speed to adjust air volume as desired and meet your individual need. LCD display dual status display (normal display and fault display) showing meticulous and onsiderate.

●  The compact and lightweight durable control panel and remote are practical and convenient to use.

●  Long-distance control extends within 20m.

●  The dual functions of air cooling and exhaust air make it easy to exhaust indoor harmful and odorous gases to make your space is refreshed as if after rain.