Evaporative Air-conditioners Features

Energy Saving

than conventional use compressed air conditioning energy conservation of pump more than 80%

Environmental Protection

the product use process will not discharge harmful substances (freon) to the world


Biggest refrigeration cooling effect with minimal energy production

Power consumption per hundred square meters only 1 KW/ H

  • Cooling: Direct evaporative cooling technology, quickly reduce the ambient temperature by 5-10 ° C;

  • To dust: the air in the plant is accelerating in an orderly manner, and the dust is immediately discharged outside to ensure cleanliness and personnel health;

  • Large coverage area: a fixed environmental protection air conditioner is suitable for 100-300 m2;

  • High efficiency: easy installation and maintenance, the best results can be achieved by opening for ten minutes;

  • Energy saving: just motor & pump, without compressor

  • Environmental protection: The refrigerant is water and has no pollution. Low noise, increasing indoor oxygen content;

  • Humidity adjustment function: humidity adjustment for places where humidity is required;



Evaporative air conditioner (also called environmental protection air conditioning) is Australia, Switzerland, the us and Europe multi-country scientists developed after years of research experiments of modern high-tech product, after the product is gradually shaped energy conservation and environmental protection, cooling effect is good and fast enchants the world, the evaporative air conditioning machine has the following advantages:

  • Energy saving:
    than conventional use compressed air conditioning energy conservation of pump more than 80%;
  • Environmental protection:
    the product use process will not discharge harmful substances (freon) to the world;
  • Efficient:
    biggest refrigeration cooling effect with minimal energy production.

Our company produces the evaporative air conditioner is combined and local climatic conditions and energy efficient products and developed a kind of energy conservation and environmental protection. USES the “direct evaporative humidification cooling technology, has refrigeration cooling function not only, still can make air humidification after filtration purification effect (namely the built-in fan ventilation, make the machine to negative pressure of the air inside, outside air into the machine, wet curtain from the evaporator at the same time from the internal pump, through the water pipes to spray the water to the water supply) on the evaporator. Cooling air cooler air heat exchange area is equal to the surface area of 100 times, wet curtain evaporator evaporation away most of the heat and dust, turn out the pure and fresh and clean the low temperature of fresh air.

First, the installation position should be suitable for

  1. The host away from the fire source, high tension line and other dangerous places.
  2. Try to stay away from people in and out, material stacking area above; To avoid the steam furnace, coal stove heating gas beside; Stink odor or near (toilet, kitchen, etc.). Conditional installation as far as possible in the top of the building.
  3. Try to choose better air quality, the preferential selected the shortest duct installation, reduce wind resistance.
  4. If there is no enough must cool the indoor door or window (single 2 square meters). Additional installation of exhaust fan, exhaust should guarantee to achieve environmental protection empty the total air volume of more than 70%.

Second, the installation technical requirements

  1. The wall on the roof
    1. support wall wants firm, explosion screw tightening, on the roof (the scaffolding, zinc iron tile tent, etc.) when installation must measure its ability to withstand, to have enough ability to carry host more weight.
    2. all the walls of the size of the hole size must be greater than duct within 20 cm, and ask the duct area should be waterproof processing, interface all use glass glue or cement slurry seal.
  2. Support
    1. the host stent configuration according to the model. Stents when installation should keep level, need to bear the dynamic load of 250 kg, in order to prevent the typhoon disturbance. And by long-term bearing the weight of the host and maintenance personnel more than twice.
    2. scaffold must have maintenance platform, three meters from the ground should be equipped with fence. When installing the host should be from the host wall more than 25 cm, host access port (do you have marked) should be placed to one side of convenient maintenance.
  3. The duct
    1. into the wall or into the duct should be according to the different places of the window and determine the size of the duct, but duct the cross-sectional area of not less than 0.45 square meters.
    2. the duct outlet should use soft joint (canvas), and other joint materials plus the flange (fixed interface), in order to reduce the difficulty of installation and reduce the host noise, at the same time, the host and support contact point should be at the bottom of mat cushion.
    3. design into the duct should be in accordance with the duct bend size (see installation chart) for design and production, water inlet must use soft water pipe joint, reduce the interface installation difficulty and convenient maintenance.
  4. Water supply and drainage
    1. to shuikou need to use soft water pipe joint, reduce the interface installation and maintenance is difficult.
    2. used tap water as cooling water circulation. To keep the water clean, ensure water circulation system to work properly,
    3. port drain line should be connected to the underground drain or environmental treatment.

Third, security issues

  1. The staff must fasten your seat belt when installation, and pay attention to the reliability of the safety belt and seat belt protection, ensure the safety of the maintenance staff.
  2. The maintenance staff should the host when installation, maintenance spare parts, maintenance tools such as curtain wall in a safe place, prevent fall cause safety accidents
  3. Must be switched off to repair.

After the external air through the evaporation (see chart), the air temperature drops from the point A to point B. This change is due to the evaporation of the water in the surface of cooling pad causes the air temperature cooling. This process is called evaporative cooling principle in aerobiology. As shown in the chart, the dry-bulb temperature 33.4 °C drops to wet-bulb temperature 27.8 °C happened at the saturation factor of 92%. Evaporative cooling is a traditional cooling method by absorbing heat in the air when evaporating to make the air cooling. The new technology of cooling adopts evaporation and filtration principle. The evaporative cooling pad being used is made of the dense fiber corrugated sheet by special technique which improves the working performance sharply.

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